Travel Service Line

The Travel for Meeting and Training Service Line (TMTSL) processes travel requests from RSCE client missions for official travel to meetings, training medical evacuation, and repatriation of human remains; Processes all travel advances, travel claims for international vendor Ticket vendor invoices for Travel Management Service (TMS) and manages TMS contracts.  TMTSL's responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Processes travel requests within 4 days of Travel request being certified by the certifying officer for issuance of authorized itinerary commercial air ticket.
  • Carries out amendments to travel requests as required
  • Liaises with client missions budget officers on travel budget for cost assignment when establishing PT8s
  • Provides travel reports on a periodic basis or as and when requested by client mission and /or UNHQ. For various reasons such as internal and external audits
  • Manages Travel Management services contracts.
  • Implements the travel policy when processing travel requests and ensures full compliance
  • Processes travel claims for international staff in accordance with the travel policy
  • Manages travel related funds commitment open items for DSA and terminal
  • Processes air ticket vendor invoices from Travel Management service providers.
  • Ensures only invoices with valid supporting documents are processed for payment with maximum 9 days from date of receipt

With 25 personnel TMTSL:

  • Processes 325 travel requests, 300 expense reports and 1000 ticket invoices per month as throughput for 12 client missions
  • Manages 3 TMS contracts with a value of more than $30million
  • Coordinates as focal point all travel related audits
  • Provides all related travel most travel reports to RSCE external users
  • Clearing open items in the ticket agent clearing account
  • Coordinating the TMS contracts solicitation process with Regional procurement office ( RPO) as the requisitioner
  • Coordinating the fare Audit solicitation process with RPO as the requisitioner
  • Clearing Funds Management open items related to official travel
  • Implementing the Individual KPI framework

The service line Travel Processing Officers (TPOs), Travel and Claims Processors (TCPs) engages with client missions travelers as Local process experts for trouble shooting on travel requests and expense reports.

Ticket Billing Processors engage with TMS service providers in ensuring efficient and effective invoice processing is executed with quality, speed and dependability