Civilian Benefits and Payroll Service Line

The Civilian Benefits and Payroll Service Line (CBPSL) has the transactional role in human resource (HR) processes of entitlements and benefits for international civilian staff of RSCE mission clients as well as processing of within mission travel and expense claims and reimbursement.

The Service line is headed by a Service Line Manager and is divided into four teams.

  • Team 1 – Supports and administers the benefits and entitlements of missions in the Sudan (UNAMID), Central Africa Republic (MINUSCA), Mali (MINUSMA), Abyei (UNISFA), Somalia (UNSOM, UNSOS), and Burundi (OSASG.B, MENUB);
  • Team 2 – Supports and administers the benefits and entitlement of missions in DRC (MONUSCO) and South Sudan (UNMISS);
  • Team 3 – Payroll: The team processes payroll-related recoveries such as private telephone charges from international staff across RSCE client missions, assists in approving assignment/relocation grants and reviews/clearance of UMOJA pending open items;
  • Team 4 – Claims: This team processes the within-mission travel claims and expense reports as well as security reimbursement (MORSS) claims for international staff;

There are twelve (12) international staff members, two National Professional Officers (NPOs), and 21 locally-recruited staff members;

RSCE Client Missions with estimated number of current international staff:

UNSOM: 132
UNSOA: 271
Burundi: 18

A total of 3,896 staff members.


Break-down of what CBPSL do: 

  • Leave Entitlement (Certified/Uncertified Sick Leave, Special Leave Without Pay/Without Pay/ Danger Pay, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave)
  • Time and Attendance
  • Within Grade (WIG) Salary increment
  • Dependency Allowance/Adoption, Mobility/Hardship Allowance
  • Staff Travel Entitlement
  • Reassignment within mission
  • Settling-in Grant
  • Rental Subsidy
  • Language Allowance
  • Special Post Allowance
  • Family Installation
  • Second Lump-Sum Allowance
  • Medical Insurance Coverage
  • Pension Fund Enrollment
  • Special Dependency Allowance
  • Contract extension
  • Promotions
  • Off-cycle payments
  • Danger pay
  • Special sick leave cases
  • F.10 claims

Peak Period
The peak period for BPSL as a Service Line is between June and July of every year when massive contract extensions of staff members are carried out; 

How requests are made:
All service requests are initiated in UMOJA and COSMOS platform.  All follow up queries are channeled through the iNeed which a Query Management System; 

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