Field Technology Service Operations Section

FTS Operations Section is the heart of service provision for the RSCE. We have 52 staff members in 6 different Operational units.

  • Telecommunications Unit: Is responsible for all telecommunications links and equipment which operate using a Frequency (Radios, Microwave & Satellite links, Telephone links and equipment). They provide operational support to the Tetra radio system which includes a radio tracking system to support the security of staff members. The team also provides support to different Missions, which includes installation of vehicle radios.
  • Network & Server Unit: Is responsible for maintenance of the backbone network and server infrastructure – this includes all network connections traversing the telecommunications links and servers hosting mission-critical data/services. All servers, switches, routers and WiFi access points are installed and configured to ensure availability of the applications and services. The team as well provides user support at the Tier 3 level and are also responsible for day-to-day support of the campus network and the two datacenters.
  • Infrastructure Unit: Is responsible for installation of all telecommunications cabling on the base. The Unit has certified rigging staff who install telecommunications antennas on UN and third-party towers. The team looks after all base UPS systems and provide Business continuity connections for staff who are required to work from home. Working closely with our UNDSS partners, the team also supports the Physical Security systems (CCTV & entry systems) for the base.
  • Technical Workshop Unit: Is responsible for the preparation (ghosting) of all Computers for the base, as well as MONUSCO. They also provide Tier 1, 2 & 3 support for all Computer hardware related issues. The team installs and repairs Copiers and Prints and maintain our HP Safecom printing solution. They also look after the warranty repair, prepare technical reports for write-off of FTS equipment and inspection of new Purchase Orders (PO). Our reproduction service is also a responsibility of the Workshop staff, who can print, copy and bind for our clients.
  • Video Teleconference (VTC) Unit: Is responsible for the setup and maintenance of multiple Video Conferences daily, in support of RSCE, MONUSCO and RTCC. Many of these VTC’s are in support of important Conferences and training sessions at the RTCC. The team often assist RTCC with setup of their Public Address (PA) systems for organized training courses.
  • Digital Solutions Center (DSC) & Client Support Units: Is the Single Point of Contact for all IT service requests in Entebbe. The teams are responsible for supporting our Clients, which includes support for Field Support Suite (FSS), UMOJA, creation of Network accounts, iNeed service Management, email support, Database & Server management, support for Printing and Scanning services, Active Directory administration and UN Business applications support. The team also administers and manages Data backups, Client computer support to all clients on the base.