Business Relationship Management (BRM)

BRM unit provides the ICT liaison for each department in the organization. BRM understands all business processes and provides technology guidance to ensure maximum return on investment for ICT business strategy requirements. A key BRM role is reducing business and ICT barriers. The ultimate goal is to evolve culture, build strategic partnerships and drive business value through the use of information and technology.

What we do

  • Drive innovation and shape demand for technology that increases business value.
  • Work with senior leaderships to evolve culture and organizational behaviour, elevating ICT into a strategic partner.
  • Act as the principal technology advisor to the mission leadership and a champion for identifying, leading and driving information technology transformation.
  • They collaborate with business partners such as uniformed personnel, programmatic pillars, mission support division to ensure continuous improvement in value optimization, ICT performance, and business processes where applicable. Work closely with architects to understand new technology trends, and with change management, program and project managers, business analysts, infrastructure teams and others to communicate project requirements, objectives and benefits.