Uniformed Personnel Service Line

The Uniformed Personnel Service Line (UPSL) handles all of the logistics for International Uniformed Personnel (IUPs) in RSCE Client Missions.  It is under the Service Delivery Manager of Benefits and Allowances pillar. It is composed of 39 civilian staff and 11 uniformed personal. The service line is comprised five units: human resources, payroll, claims, travel and check-in/check-out. 

UPSL manages:

  • the payroll for IUPs in the entire Africa continent
  • deployment and repatriation travel of IUPs for all RSCE client missions with IUPs
  • travel claims for IUPs in all RSCE client missions
  • check-in and check-out for uniformed personnel in UNMISS, MONUSCO and UNISFA

On a monthly basis UPSL processes approximately 6,500 IUPs, 550 travel transactions, 350 F10 claims, and 400 DHL invoices. UPSL continuously works to enhance the Cosmos repository (RSCE document management system) to track document flow and transactional processes statuses. UPSL also manages the payment of daily allowances and recreational leaves allowances for the military contingents and formed police units.  UPSL is also responsible for the management of travel of the advance and rear party for military contingents and formed police units in all RSCE client missions.