Education Grant Service Line


The Education Grant Service Line (EGSL) processes all education grant requests for civilian staff members serving RSCE and field missions in Africa. There are currently 14 staff members in EGSL, comprising of 4 international and 10 national posts. The service line is headed by a service line manager and is divided into 3 teams, each performing client support/receiving, file management, processing and approving functions. 

All service requests are initiated in FSS, and currently processed in Umoja.

EGSL receives an average of 575 requests per month. 

EGSL roles include, but are not limited to: 

  • Receive the Education Grant from staff member in FSS. 

  • Review the Education Grant Claim submitted by the SM. 

  • Return a request in FSS (if applicable). 

  • Assign the request to a processor. 

  • Process Education Grant request 

  • Approve Education Grant request