Onboarding and Separation Service Line

The goal in Onboarding and Separation Service Line (OSSL) is to provide efficient, effective and timely services to field operations in Africa.  The OSSL section conducts several transactions and processes as follows:

  • On-boarding: offer management, Personnel Action (PA) and Letter of Appointment (LoA), check-in, payment of Settling In/Relocation Grants
  • Separation: separation PA, check-out, relocation grant on separation, Entebbe Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA), processing final payment document for Field Personnel Division (FPD) and the final payment
  • Relocations: Installation and repatriation of family members, in regional missions
  • D-2 Offer Management: Process Offer of Appointment for D-2
  • Benefits and Entitlements: (Administering the Benefits and Entitlements of the Heads of Missions – ASGs: SRSG, D/SRSGs and Force Commanders and Deputy Force Commanders)

The OSSL Team consists of:

  • Offer management
  • Travel
  • Check-in, Onboarding PAs
  • Check-out, Separation
  • Finance

The total Team compliment is 32 staff members.


From January to March 2017 OSSL has achieved the following:

  • 130 international and national staff members were physically checked-in at RSCE
  • 310 cases were onboarded
  • Conducted 10,844 transactions during the month of February mainly in Umoja and Field Support Suit (FSS)