Cashier Service Line

The RSCE Cashier performs the Treasury/Cashier role for all RSCE client missions following the decision to centralize all cashier functions of RSCE client missions in RSCE cashier Service line. RSCE cashier Service line is fully responsible of  managing all its client missions house banks and releasing all  payments originating from the RSCE client missions and all other payments assigned to the RSCE house banks. The house banks under the RSCE Cashier’s responsibility are:

  • Barclay’s Bank of Uganda
  • Citi Bank Congo
  • Citi Bank Kenya
  • Bank of Khartoum
  • Ecobank Central Afrique
  • Standard Chartered Bank Kenya
  • Barclay’s Bank of Ghana
  • Ecobank Guinea Conakry
  • Standard Chartered Bank Sierra Leone
  • Inter Bank Burundi
  • Citi Bank Libreville
  • Citi Bank Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire
  • BDM, Bamako.
  • Eco Bank  South Sudan

The RSCE Cashier disburses payments assigned to the RSCE house banks and liaises daily with UN Treasury at the Headquarters for all overseas payments of vendors and personnel released by the RSCE. In addition, the Cashier Service line processes cheque payments for civilian staff and Uniform personnel checking in and out of the RSCE.

The RSCE Cashier also maintains Business Partner (BP) information in Umoja, inputting and changing bank details for both vendors and staff for all RSCE client missions.

The Cashier service Line is staffed with 19 staff: 6 International and 13 National.



The RSCE cashier mainly serves all RSCE client missions but due to the nature of how UMOJA functions in terms of payments, additionally, the Cashier service line also releases payments of other UN agencies if their payments are destined to any of the countries where those particular RSCE house banks are located. The functions that we mainly perform are:

  1. Inputting, amending and maintaining bank details of all Vendors and staff of RSCE and client missions
  2. Approvals of all banking details for all RSCE banks
  3. Managing the relationship of all the banks of RSCE client missions on behalf of HQ Treasury and escalate issues and problems to HQ Treasury as and when required.
  4. Releasing of all Electronic Funds Transfers and cheque payments (payroll and non- payroll) assigned to all RSCE client missions house banks on a daily basis
  5. Approving all cross border payments ( Non RSCE banks) to enable Headquarters Treasury  and other non RSCE client missions cashiers to release such payments
  6. Receives daily report of rejected , returned and withheld funds from all RSCE and non RSCE House banks and liaises with the Service Lines and other non RSCE client missions cashiers to resolve the reason for rejection to enable us reissue such payments and release of the payments by the banks
  7. Daily review of exception documents reports and highlighting to the Service Lines, RSCE client missions and other Agencies the problem with the documents which should be fixed to enable us release them seamlessly.
  8. Dealing with the recalling of funds from RSCE banks which are sent to wrong, or unidentified banks accounts provided by Vendors and staff
  9. Daily running and releasing of cheque and cash payments for all our client missions
  10. Preparation of monthly payroll reports as well as managing Zulu runs needed by the RSCE client missions.
  11. Preparation of the weekly cash replenishments at the month end for all theRSCE banks and daily monitoring of cash balance to ensure that the bank balances can sustain our operations.
  12. Receives and responds to all the Service Lines , clients as well as from non RSCE clients, cashier and Treasury related queries.
  13. Managing and safe custody of RSCE imprest.


Achievements and Volumes processed Monthly

The service Line releases on average a monthly total number of 76,600 transactions that goes through all our house banks broken down as below.

Numbers per house bank:

9,000 10,500 15,000 100 5,500 23,000 12,000 200 1,300 76,600

In addition to the above, we also create and approve a monthly average of 4,200 banking details for all RSCE house banks for staff and vendors. This includes approving non client missions banking details that are paid from RSCE house banks. We also approves all cross border payments