Vendors Service Line

The Vendors Service Line (VSL) deals with commercial vendors, Travel ticketing invoices, Shipment of personal effects (DHL) and training prepayment invoices who provide the United Nations with services and goods in order to enable the 17 Client missions smoothly implement and pursue the objectives of their respective mandates. VSL receives, processes and approves payments related to funds commitments to vendors mainly for communications and utilities invoices

39 Staff make up the VSL divided into 7 teams with a gender parity of 20 women to 19 men who process over 73,000 invoices, both local and international, annually. VSL processes invoices of Prompt Payment Discounts (PPD) and saved the organization in the amount of USD7.5 million and overall approved vendors invoices payments in the amount of US$1.2billions in Fiscal Year 2018/19.