Vendors Service Line

The Vendors Service Line (VSL) is an arm of Finance that deals in the main with external Vendors, who provide the United Nations with their wares and services in order to enable our field missions smoothly implement and pursue the objectives of their respective mandates. These Vendors are scattered all over the world but through the Procurement Office, they are able to discover them to provide the United Nations with second to none goods and services. When the contracts prepared by the Procurement Office are signed with these Vendors, it is expected that the terms and conditions stipulated therein are fulfilled; immediately the vendors comply with terms and conditions on the contract called Purchase Orders (PO) the Vendors Service Line is expected to ensure that the 30 days payment period is equally complied with. RSCE Vendors Service Line works tirelessly with each of their focal points especially the Self Accounting Units to provide funds as quickly as possible in order to meet the payment terms and conditions in the contract. Our payments are made through the United Nations Cashiers located in RSCE.

The main function of VSL is to ensure that Vendors’ payments are not overtly delayed by making payments on or before the contractually stated deadline. In pursuing this objective, the VSL Staff members are always on their toes making close contacts with the responsible focal points in the field missions to address any challenge that might affect the payment process. The staff members of this Service Line also have occasional contacts with the Vendors to verify bank details and or deliver their invoices when goods and or services have been received. More often than not, in the course of reviewing open items on both Goods Receipts and Invoice Receipts (GRIR) and Accounts Receivable/Payable (AR/AP), attention of the focal points in the field is called to take relevant actions to clear the open item created in the field while those created at RSCE are managed by the VSL staff members themselves.


Staff Strength

Presently, VSL has 24 personnel managing the vendors’ payment needs of eleven RSCE client missions. The 24 staff members are made up of the Service Line Manager, five Team Leaders and support staff and as conscious as VSL is on gender balance, VSL has equal number of men and women (twelve apiece). VSL is client oriented and service motivated in our approaches to work.



VSL consistently meets its Key Performance Indicators (KPI) associated with accurate and timely payment to Vendors, this means that most of our Vendors receive their payments on time as contained in the contract in spite of various challenges that are associated in its operations. VSL manages well over 1,200 Vendors, both local and international and the main consumer of RSCE clients’ budgets. Given the timely processing of payments, in 2016, VSL processed all Prompt Payment Discounts (PPD) invoices to the tune of $756 million and was able to recoup the offered discounts of about $6.5 million for the organization.