Benefits and Payroll Service Line

The Benefits and Payroll Service Line (BPSL) manages contracts and administers benefits & entitlements of 4,500 international civilian staff members working in 19 peacekeeping and special political missions in Africa. BPSL processes off-cycle payments, MORSS claims, payroll recoveries (related to accommodation, telephone bills, rations, catering services and liberty mileage) and reviews & clears open items.

The Service line is headed by a Service Line Manager. The staffing is clustered in three HR Teams and one Payroll Team each lead by an Officer as Team Leader. In total there are 32 staff members (12 international & 20 national). The composition in terms of gender is 20 female staff members and 12 male staff members.

BPSL has peak periods for contract extensions (May-July) and entitlement travels (June/July and November/December).