Regional Training and Conference Centre

The RSCE’s Regional Training & Conference Centre (RTCC) in Entebbe serves as a training hub for UN Field Missions in the African Great Lakes region and beyond, hosting a wide variety of courses, conferences, seminars, official visits and meetings. RTCC actively supports the peacekeeping and peace building efforts of MONUSCO, UNAMID, UNMISS, UNISFA, UNSOS, and MINUSCA by offering an accessible and conducive learning environment to UN personnel (Civilian, Military, Police, and UNVs) serving in challenging and remote environments.
Working together with the training organizers, the training services team provides logistic and administrative support. In 2016, RTCC hosted and supported over 300 courses and conferences organized by both substantive and support components of the neighboring peacekeeping missions and by Headquarters offices, with a total of more than 5,600 participants.  
The RTCC's facililies are well-equipped and positioned to provide efficient organizational, logistical and IT support, allowing facilitators and participants to focus on their event. 

Facilities and Capabilities

The RTCC provides its clients with state of the art technology facilities and equipment. From a conference hall that fits 200 people to a small more intimate boardroom, the RTCC can cater to all your training needs. Each room is equipped with projectors, screens, laptops and have VTC capability.  The larger rooms also have an extensive sounds system with wireless and table microphones. 
At this point in time, the use of the RTCC's conference facilites and support come at no cost.
For more information and inquires please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.