The Regional Service Centre in Entebbe (RSCE) was established in 2010 through General Assembly resolution 64/269 as part of the Global Field Support Strategy (GFSS). The overall objective of GFSS was to transform service delivery to field missions through a fundamental shift in the existing division of labour and a relocation of functions to improve responsiveness and address the needs of the field missions.  

The RSCE currently provides a full range of administrative, logistics and information and communications technology services to seventeen Client Missions in Africa, representing 62% of all United Nations peacekeeping and special political missions worldwide.

The General Assembly, through its resolution 69/307 decided to give the RSCE operational and managerial independence as of 1 July 2017. The refreshed governance structure of the Centre is in the form of a shared Steering Committee headed by the Assistant Secretary-General for Support Operations, the Director of the Human Resources Services Division in Department of Operational Support, a representative from the Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance, the Director of the Centre, the Chief of the Kuwait Joint Support Office, the Chairperson of the Centre Client Board and the Chairperson of the Kuwait Joint Support Office Client Board.

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During the 2023/24 budget period, the RSCE is supported by 402 approved posts, of these 32.8% are international staff, 65.4% national staff and 1.7% United Nations Volunteers. In addition, the Centre operates on a budget of $43.65 million for 2023/24

Updated: September 2023