Travel Service Line

Travel Service Line (TSL) performs the role of Travel processing office for RSCE and its 17 client mission.

TSL headed by Travel Service Line Manger has 36 staff and is organised in 6 teams of Travel Processing Officers (TPOs), Travel Shipment Approver (TSAs), Travel Administrators (TAs) and Travel Management Services Contracts management and reporting. The service line processes over 6,000 transactions and approves on average 2,000 Travel Requests per months.

The 3 distinct functions of the Service line include:

Travel Contracts management and Reporting to ensure:

  • Valid Travel Management Services Contracts continually
  • Standard application of travel policy
  • Global / local discounts are applied
  • TMS contract implementation
  • Quality control on processes
  • Training & Capacity Building of staff
  • Representation as Primary focal point for  Client Service query management


Travel processing:

  • Create Travel Requests, Shipment Requests and Expense Reports for Individual Uniform Personnel (IUPs)
  • Certify Travel Requests, Shipment Requests and Expense Reports for IUPs and Entitlement ( Home leave, Family Visit, Education grant travel and related reverse travels) Travel types
  • Avail Itineraries in Global Distribution systems (GDS)
  • Approve Travel Requests and Shipment Requests
  • Provide amount limit for Self-Ticketing
  • Provide Order for Travel Services to designated Travel Management service contractors to issue air tickets
  • Provide after ticket issuance services to all travelers
  • Coordinate the submission of Visa Documents to embassies in Kampala on behalf of traveler for official business travel
  • Provide 24/7 Travel Duty Roster Services

Finance related processes:

  • Unblock Travel advances payments
  • Review and indicate correct partner bank for travel advance payments
  • Review and indicate required cashier office pay point for travel advances