Travel Service Line

Entitlement Travel Service Line (ETSL) reports directly to the Service Delivery Manager (SDM) for Benefits and Allowances. ETSL covers processing of Home Leave Travel, Family Visit Travel, Education Grant Travel, Reverse Education Grant Travel and Rest &Recuperation Travel where applicable.  ETSL team has 14 staff members consisiting of five international staff and nine national staff and processes over 500 requests per month. 

Travel Requests (TRs) & Expense Reports (ERs) internal processes:
As an internal process as well in accordance to the established KPIs for the Service Line all outstanding TRs and ERs are distributed twice a week (Mondays & Wednesdays) to the concerned processors (HR Partners, TPOs, TSAs and TCPs) using the Workflow Tracking System.

Shipment Request (SRs) processing:
There are two types of Shipment Request processed in ETSL: Self-shipment Request and Shipment organized by the UN; both of which are processed by TPOs and TSAs.

Processing Shipment Invoices to the Vendor (Graebel)
When service is rendered by the Service Provider (Graebel) on UN organized shipment the invoices are submitted to ETSL.
AP User process the Invoices. AP Approving Officer approves the Invoices for payments.

iNeed Queries Management:
For ticket option staff members are advised to submit their post travel documents through iNeed to calculate their Travel Time (TT). Other related iNeed queries are correcting time and attendance date such as Home leave points, amendment of Annual Leave days/Certified Sick Leave.

ETSL provide End to End Entitlement Travel Services to all International Staff members of RSCE’s client missions.

Entitlement Travel Services includes:

  • Home Leave
  • Family Visit
  • Education Grant Travel
  • Reverse Education Grant Travel
  • Rest and Recuperation Travel
  • Shipment Request including Invoice processing to the vendor.
  • INeed Queries related to ETSL.


Recently the functions for processing R&R TRs and ERs for MONUSCO, UNISFA, UNMISS, UNSOM, and UNSOS where UN transportation is provided have been officially transferred to ETSL. This is expected to raise achievement of the Service Line by 2,644 requests on top of the 6,443 monthly achievements.