Forward Support Deployment Hub

What we do

We consolidate, integrate, coordinate, and optimize transportation and movements solutions of personnel and cargo between UN field missions in East and Central Africa, using all available transportation means and working in close collaboration with our client missions (MENUB, MINUSCA, MONUSCO, UNAMID, UNISFA, UNMISS, and UNSOA) and other stakeholders. Additionally, we support other missions, such as MINUSMA as required.

The services we provide include:

1. Air transport:

  • regional troop movements
  • regional cargo movements
  • mass evacuation/relocation support
  • aero-medical support (CASEVAC/MEDEVAC)
  • ad-hoc flights on request (VVIP, cargo etc.)
  • asset optimization

2. Surface movements:

  • Planning, coordination, optimization and execution of regional cargo and passenger movements
  • asset optimization
  • Planning and analysis (multi-modal transport solutions): Analyzing regional movement requirement and providing viable and efficient solutions though the utilization of regional movement assets.

3. Infrastructure development and project support (including airfield construction, upgrade and maintenance):

  • Identifying regional aerodrome infrastructure development projects in collaboration with client missions
  • Assessing Ground Support Equipment requirements and facilitating the regional sharing of resources
  • Assisting client missions in developing infrastructure project plans, including identification of resources
  • Supporting client missions in projects implementation

4. Coordination of training and staff certification:   

  • Consolidating and coordinating Regional Transportation Technical Training Initiatives
  • Creating a consolidated regional training schedule for client missions
  • Identifying and upgrading the skills of mission expert trainers through additional training
  • Coordinating Regional  Transportation Technical Training (RTTT) with the Regional Training and Conference Center (RTCC)

How we work

We follow the mandate given to us by the UN General Assembly, laid out in documents A/64/633, on the establishment of the Regional Service Centre Entebbe and TMICC; A/64/643 and A/64/660, which determined FSDH’s functions, and A/65/743, which provided an overview of TMICC’s functional responsibilities.

The Chief of FSDH reports to the Direct of the Regional Service Centre Entebbe and liaises with the client missions as well as with UN Headquarters. He is supported by specialists in aviation, movement control, surface transport, regional infrastructure and compliance.