RSCE Recognizes Mentors and Trainers

22 Dec 2021

RSCE Recognizes Mentors and Trainers

Yannick Van Winkel

“The Regional Service Centre Entebbe (RSCE) is positioning itself as an entity whose best practices are used by the rest of the UN Common System. The RSCE trainers and mentors help our workforce do their work confidently and with the highest quality output.”

This was the key message at the Virtual Recognition of Mentors Event hosted by the RSCE’s Strategic Planning and Capacity Building Unit (SPCBU) on 14 December 2021. In her remarks, Ms. May Dalgamouni, SPCBU Head of Unit, acknowledged the tremendous effort that colleagues make to train and mentor incoming and current staff in the RSCE. In addition to their regular workload, these enthusiastic colleagues are preparing and delivering the necessary training to staff members on a regular basis.

“As part of our capacity building efforts, SPCBU focuses on setting up and delivering timely training to staff. In 2021, RSCE trainers delivered seventeen training sessions to a hundred-thirteen RSCE colleagues. It would not have been possible to conduct these trainings without the committed and eager RSCE trainers”, she remarked.

Also present during the virtual meeting was Director a.i. RSCE Mr Paulin Djomo, who expressed his thankfulness and pleasure to the trainers and mentors. He was delighted to note what the trainers and mentors had achieved as a team.

Mr Djomo stated: “The benefit of conducting different training goes beyond the benefit of one person or just the RSCE by itself. Our Centre supports peace in Africa. All those selfless colleagues who trained others have contributed not only to this peacebuilding effort but also to the careers of those they train as well as the fact that they have raised the RSCE flag high. Shared knowledge helps to better everyone and it is appreciated by Senior Management and the Organization as a whole.”

Numerous trainers and mentors also shared their experience of functioning as such. Amongst them, Mr. Abubaker Mabuya who stated: “I am pleased that I have been chosen to conduct training. The Bible and the Koran read “Seek knowledge and give it to the rest.” Each day on which you add knowledge to somebody is a plus.”

Another colleague, Moreen Kobusingye, a Local Process Expert – Trainer (LPE-T) and mentor, also expressed her gratitude and shared her views: “It has been an honor to mentor others. Conducting mentoring sessions is quite demanding and challenging, you must balance your everyday work with mentoring and knowledge sharing. These sessions create teamwork and  increase trust levels as mentees soon realize that they have someone they can rely on and who is close by.”

A sincere thank you to all the RSCE trainers and mentors for their hard work!