Waistliners and RSCE Super Team win the RSCE Step Challenge 2.0

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28 Aug 2020

Waistliners and RSCE Super Team win the RSCE Step Challenge 2.0

Mark Kaheru

A few weeks ago, the second edition of the Regional Service Centre Entebbe (RSCE) two-week step challenge came to a close.

In this new edition, staff from the entire Entebbe Support Base (ESB) were asked to form teams of 5, choose a team captain and register via Microsoft Teams. The challenge came with bonus challenges, that were very interesting and very engaging for the staff.

The number of teams increase from 15 in edition one to 18 meaning 90 staff members participated in the challenge.

But there can only be one winner. And in order to win, teams had to complete all challenges as a team in order to score maximum points. Many teams fell short but for the top three teams, success was inevitable as they performed all tasks as one.

The joint winners for the overall challenge were team Waistliners captained by Juliet Lukwago and the RSCE Super Team captained by Sarah Nantumbwe. In second emerged ARMU StepUp Warriors led by Tito Wangah.

Captain for the Waistliners, Juliet Nalukwago ,appreciates the minds that came up with the health initiative as it helped relieve stress and bring her closer to her team of edition one “The step challenge kept me on my toes and pushed me to lose a few calories on a daily. My teammates and I were not deterred by the current situation that brought in social distancing, we worked together towards achieving the pass mark of 6000 steps and beyond, we chatted every moment and had fun. I was motivated by the team spirit, the encouragement and the fun we shared. We communicated easily at any time and applauded the greatest stepper of the day. I must say we made a great team. Hats off to the waistliners” She says.

To motivate other teams she adds, “health is wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

For the joint 1st placed RSCE Super Team, Captain Sarah Nantumbwe, also attributed their success to teamwork and spirit. “The Super team had one goal, to keep healthy. The dedication from each team member kept the morale going day after day” she said.

Below are the composition of the winning teams:

Team Waistliners

  1. Julliet Lukwago
  2. Theresa Aciro
  3. Beatrice Nakalinzi
  4. Judith Acheng
  5. Beatrice Amile

Team RSCE Super Team

  1. Sarah Nantumbwe
  2. Nalini Contreras
  3. Agnes Nannozi
  4. Rachel Lustin
  5. Monica Kaneene

Team ARMU StepUp Warriors

  1. Joseph Ebenu
  2. Charles Gathingi
  3. Solomy Katasi
  4. Tito Wangah
  5. Andrew Hyuha