ASG Christian Saunders Pays Field Visit to RSCE

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1 Apr 2022

ASG Christian Saunders Pays Field Visit to RSCE

Mark Kaheru

“We cannot exist without our clients. We need to visit clients in the field to better understand their reality, provide them with timely and good quality service. That is all they need from us.”

This was the message that the Assistant Secretary General, Office of Supply Chain Management (OSCM), Mr. Christian Saunders echoed to the staff in the Global Procurement Support Section (GPSS) at the Regional Service Centre Entebbe (RSCE). The message also applies to all other areas of RSCE transactional activities.

He said this as he conducted his field visit on 31st March to the Centre where he met with the Director a.i. Mr. Paulin Djomo, the staff of the Forward Support Deployment Hub (FSDH), GPSS and Mr. Ingemar Bjoernfot, the Head of Premises at the Entebbe Support Base (ESB).

He pointed out that GPSS needs to overhaul it processes when it comes to procurement activities and procurement support to Missions and advised that lengthy procurement process impacts on client services and satisfaction.

During the review of GPSS achievements, the ASG advised the GPSS to shape up and go the extra mile to support its clients.. He identified bottlenecks, provided advises to staff and pronounced a 6-month period for the review of the situation.

Following his visits to three Missions in the region prior to arriving in Entebbe and having observed how aircrafts are utilized in the region, Mr. Saunders discussed with the Forward Supply Deployment Hub (FSDH) his ideas of rationalizing the use of aircrafts through central tasking in Entebbe which will eliminate the overlap of Mission flights and bring down costs with operations becoming leaner and more efficient.

Mr. Eskinder Habte, outgoing Officer in Charge for FSDH acknowledged the suggestion and provided examples of how the FSDH is already implementing similar ventures.

In his remarks to the FSDH staff, he commended them on a job well done. He also reiterated and provided additional information regarding the proposal to develop a Regional Deployment Stock (RDS) hub in Entebbe that will act as a regional warehouse for the missions. The RDS will be stocked with fast moving items including spare parts, batteries, tyres etc and will be a mini cell to support the strategic deployment stock (SDS) based in Brindisi.

RDS is designed to make delivery of much needed items faster and cost effective.

The ASG was led on a tour of the ESB and was shown the proposed location for the RDS among other facilities on the base.