Entebbe UN National Staff Donates 6m Food Worth to Community

NASA National Staff Association Entebbe United Nations Yusuf Kaggwa Yannick Van Winkel
15 May 2020

Entebbe UN National Staff Donates 6m Food Worth to Community

Yannick Van Winkel

Members of the National Staff Association (NASA) of the Entebbe Support Base (ESB) voluntarily contributed a sum of six million shillings (UGX 6,000,000 /=) towards a fund to support the national taskforce on COVID19.  NASA purchased 2 tons of beans and maize flour and handed it over to the Entebbe Municipality Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Mr Nuhu Njuki on the morning of 14 May 2020. Mr Njuki is leading a food reliefs taskforce that has so far assisted over 3,000 households in the community. The foodstuffs donated by NASA will be distributed among the communities and families in the Entebbe sub-district whose livelihoods were hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The truckload of food was officially handed over by NASA representatives to Mr Njuki and Entebbe Mayor Kayanja Vincent De-Paul during a short ceremony. Some of the NASA representatives present were the President Mr. Yusuf Kaggwa, Former Vice-President Mr. Sowedi Sserumaga, Secretary Ms. Annette Namuhisha and Treasurer Mr. Gideon Musinguzi.

The NASA President, Mr Kaggwa noted: ‘During this global corona pandemic, it was impossible for our members and me to sit still. We felt like this is one of those times that we must stand up and aid the most vulnerable in our societies. I am proud to say that a lot of our members have made their hearts speak and chipped in. I am humbled by their generosity and more than glad to see that we were able to buy 6 million UGX worth of food.’

The RDC, Mr Njuki, had some kind words to share destined for NASA while he was officially receiving the food donation on behalf of the Entebbe task force: ‘I really appreciate this gift to the community because it was gathered through donations from local Ugandan UN staff members. Usually, help received from the UN involves foreign money. We’ve also noticed that in rare cases contributors would come and announce a donation, only to take it back to hand it out exclusively to their own communities. That is not the case with this donation by the UN National Staff.

Mr Njuki further showed his gratitude by stating that the food allotment is intended solely for those most in need, including the families severely hit by the heavy rainfall on Bussi Island - which belongs to Wakiso district – as well as others in the Entebbe subdistrict. He also showed appreciation for another NASA donation of about 4 million which was used for the purchase of a tricycle ambulance for Ediofe Health Centre in the Arua district, Northern Uganda.

As RSCE, we’d like to acknowledge what NASA has accomplished in such a short time for the most vulnerable people in our community. The RSCE thanks you for your efforts!