RSCE Adopts the UN Global ID

18 Jul 2022

RSCE Adopts the UN Global ID

Mark Kaheru

The United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) in Entebbe, in collaboration with the Regional Field Technology Services (RFTS), is expanding the scope of the United Nations Global ID facility at the Entebbe Support Base (ESB).

In keeping up with digital transformation within the UN, the new process will change the way the ESB handles access to the premises. All UN personnel holding valid official ID cards conforming to the UN Global ID system will be able to access the premises using their IDs issued at their respective duty stations across the globe.

Personnel intending to visit the UN Entebbe Support Base for conference, training, or official business and holding a valid UN Global ID are advised to follow these instructions:

    1. FIRST verify from their Pass & ID Unit whether the ID they hold is a UN Global ID.
    2. If so, apply for the validation of their IDs for UN Entebbe access through their point of contact or by themselves using UN mail address to UNDSS-Entebbe-SOC, cc Sayed Hashim Deedar;  George Ochieng and/or David Ocendi
    3. Validation process:
      1. Those who can get the embedded serial number of the MIFARE smart cards from their Pass & ID office using the OMNI Key device can share this number for automatic validation,
      2. Those that cannot have to physically present their UN Global IDs to the ID and Pass Office in Entebbe for validation.
    4. This validation has no consequence on their cards when they return to their duty stations.

The UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) will capture their details and program the system to receive the visitor. Access will be granted on a need basis and will have an expiry date.

This is good news for the Regional Training and Conference Centre (RTCC), which receives over 3,500 visitors annually.

What this process means for RTCC is decreased time in granting access to visitors and fewer resources spent on providing temporary passes.

Previously, RTCC coordinators had to apply for access for all visitors and would have to walk them to the security point for verification before they could access the premises. The onus on returning the temporary passes was also on the RTCC coordinator.

With the new facility, visitors will be able to access the UN campus in Entebbe without an escort and manage their entry and exit times. The issuance of temporary pass for those category of staff is lifted.

“Whenever I visit other UN offices around the World who have implemented the Global ID system, access to their offices is granted on my existing card.  I simply inform them of my itinerary, the length of stay and they activate my card for access. I am glad that we have now been able to implement the same in Entebbe.,  The new system will facilitate entry and exit to the Entebbe Campus particularly for visitors from office with the global ID system. It will also ease the burden on the staff at the RTCC. said Mr. Paulin Djomo, Director a.i. RSCE.

Another area of access that will be of interest to visitors and staff of the Regional Service Centre Entebbe (RSCE) and ESB is the Digital Property Pass (DPP) for expendable or nonexpendable UN Owned Equipment (UNOE) removal from the premises as well as items to be returned to vendors.

Currently staff with issued laptops who need to take them out for work at home or during leave will continue to carry the stamped issue vouchers for verification.

“We are in the development stage of the property pass and soon we shall be testing. The global ID pass is now ready for use and all one needs is to log in to FSS, enter their details and reason for visit and we shall grant access right from here in Entebbe.” said Mr. Emmanuel Ngor, Chief RFTS