RSCE Promotes Knowledge Sharing with Clients

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12 Jul 2022

RSCE Promotes Knowledge Sharing with Clients

Mark Kaheru

The Regional Service Centre Entebbe (RSCE) has set up an online Community of Practice (COP) platform that is accessible to all clients of the Centre.

The COP is meant to facilitate knowledge sharing between the RSCE and its client entities in the areas of human resources, travel, and finance. Most of the content is sourced from policy clarifications sought by RSCE on behalf of its clients which include 17 entities and serving over 17,000 individuals. The CoP will also gather policy clarifications obtained by the mission clients from the policy team at UNHQ and include them in the platform. This will avoid duplication, improve the speed in responding to client queries.

Considering the size of its client base, the work at the RSCE comes with a lot of learnings that help feed into the business processes. The challenge, however, is to maintain a single voice and a single way of delivering service for all. Therefore the RSCE has initiated a Community of Practice (COP)  platform for all the client entities which aims to improve consistency in the business processes and delivery of the services. The COP is hosted on the RSCE SharePoint online site and is easily accessible. The platform has been set up to share the learnings and develop best common practices to help improve services.

This innovation is only one of the ways in which the RSCE fulfills their promise.

This initiative was presented on 28 and 29 June 2022 to the RSCE Client Board which is made up of all Directors and Chiefs of Mission Support that make up the RSCE client base. “Your satisfaction is our priority, and, after the last Client Board meeting, we promised to establish this community of practice to enable quick and accessible policy clarification for everyone so we can shorten query times and it is here.” Said Paulin Djomo, Director a.i. RSCE “This platform will be updated continually with latest policies, latest forms and all other information that you may need in regard to the areas of HR, travel and finance.”

The COP can be accessed via link: