RSCE boosts its Human Resource Capacity through UMOJA HR Partner Training

2 Apr 2019

RSCE boosts its Human Resource Capacity through UMOJA HR Partner Training

Entebbe, UGANDA (February 22, 2019) – RSCE Chief Mr. Paulin Djomo officially closed the UMOJA HR Partner Training at the Regional Training and Conference Centre of the RSCE. The two-week training was geared towards strengthening Human Resources capacity in the administration of international staff benefits and entitlements.

The training was facilitated by RSCE’s very own Umoja Local Process Expert Trainers (LPE-T’s). Twenty-four human resources staff members from the RSCE as well as one colleague from UNHQ were trained in policy, processes, and Umoja system navigations inclusive of the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) changes introduced by the organization as of 1 July 2016.

The RSCE Umoja HR Partner LPE-T Instructor-Led Training Programs have been in place since September 2015. They have conducted a total of six sessions and trained a total of 215 staff so far.  The next step in the process will be to ensure that participants obtain Umoja roles commensurate with the training which will greatly expand the processing capacity of the Centre.

One of the participants Mr. John Ngero a staff member from the National Staff Service line said, “the training was timely and relevant to our work. I believe it will go a long way in improving work processes and turnaround times for better service provision to our client missions”.

In closing Mr. Djomo thanked the LPE-T’s for providing their expertise and facilitating the training. He pointed out that this was just the beginning, and the next step would be the participants putting into practice what they had learnt. He further stated that since they were well equipped by the trainers, the trainees would then expect to handle more responsibilities to speed up the processing of benefits and entitlements.