RSCE Celebrates Client Service Week as a TEAM

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6 Oct 2023

RSCE Celebrates Client Service Week as a TEAM

Mark Kaheru

The International Client Service Week at the Regional Service Centre Entebbe (RSCE) is one of the most engaging events of the year.

The annual celebration that is held every 1st week of October is an opportunity for the RSCE to not only reaffirm their commitment to client service but also to bond with each other as they engage in several activities.

This year, the week was kicked off with the usual ‘Meet & Greet” where Managers line up and say a hearty good morning to each staff member as they come into the office. An event that many look forward to.

The excitement for the day was when the marching band started to play and led a procession of all Service Lines to a Townhall event at the Kofi Annan Hall to mark the official start of the week. The week’s schedule was laid out and the Deputy Director RSCE, Ms. Nalini Contreras, urged all staff to take time and participate in the team building events.

“I have been in a number of offices, and I have not yet seen an event like the Client Service Week where we take time out and appreciate the work we do and appreciate each other for the work we do to serve our clients. This is a good opportunity for us to keep thanking and encouraging each other to deliver client service excellence.” She said.

The next day staff came dressed in Denim and they held team huddles where they each took turns to appreciate their colleagues verbally. The team bonding experience put a smile on everyone’s face as they felt the genuine remarks from colleagues. Another team bonding exercise was  a jigsaw puzzle competition.

Each team was given a jigsaw puzzle to complete in the fastest possible time to be able to win. The sounds of laughter and camaraderie could be heard all over RSCE. The winning team will be announced at a Townhall to mark the end of the week on Friday.

Other activities included team lunches and potlucks, distribution of eThank You cards and the launch of the first Kudos Board for staff to continue with individual appreciation.

Thursday dress code was cultural wear and the day was crowned with a fashion show. The colorful event was held at the cafeteria dubbed Place2Be and staff came out in big numbers to show off their cultural dresses.

“It was refreshing to see everyone come out proudly celebrating their culture. This is reminiscent of the UN Day when staff usually show off the different flags of the UN through their clothing and it was much fun. A good way to unwind and celebrate each other.” Said one staff member.

The townhall slated for 6th October will be the highlight of the successful week and there will be a number of awards for various activities.

The theme TEAM: Delivering as ONE was surely lived during this Client Service Week.