RSCE Concludes Virtual HR Partner Training Successfully

16 Jun 2020

RSCE Concludes Virtual HR Partner Training Successfully


The Regional Service Centre Entebbe (RSCE) concluded the 6-week virtual HR Partners Training on Wednesday, 3rd June 2020. The training that was the first of its kind at the Centre was conducted over Microsoft Teams and attended by 10 staff members.  The training was facilitated by 9 RSCE Human Resources Local Process Experts, 8 Human Resource Practitioners with hands-on experience and supported by the Strategic Planning and Capacity Building Unit, and the Capacity Development and Operational Training Service (CDOTS) at the Department of Operational Support (DOS).

The training was closed at an online event by Chief RSCE, Mr. Paulin Djomo via Microsoft Teams.  and he gave the participants an opportunity to evaluate and remark on the training and its effectiveness.

Mr. Zewdu Tegen, Service Delivery Manager – Benefits and Payroll thanked all the facilitators and participants for their efforts in making the training a success and said “This training is a testimony that there is nothing RSCE cannot do remotely. Initially there were some doubts whether it is going to happen or not, but thanks to the relentless efforts of colleagues from various sections, we have managed to come to its conclusion.”

“We had a few issues in terms of connectivity but we always had backup. If one trainer got disconnected, another was ready to stand in and if a participant got off, the team was willing to wait until the person was back on so overall it was a surprise but doable.” Said Martha Namulwana.

Stella Valigy was happy that the training gave her an opportunity to transfer her knowledge. “It was a very big pleasure for me to pass on my knowledge and  experience. I hope that this training will not be the last one and as I said to all the participants that we will always be ready to welcome them and share what we know for the benefit of our work at the RSCE.”

Zaitun Buyinza, one of the trainers, was excited about the sessions, as there was  knowledge sharing opportunities between the participants and trainers. “Much as we were training , we learnt a lot from the trainees as well. For me it was a career development opportunity as I have seen it as something that has equipped me and developed me in certain areas.” Zaitun said.

Despite the challenges that some participants experienced like connectivity, for most the virtual training was hailed considering they would normally have had difficulties to attend.

Oumou Bah was grateful to the trainers and she said that she enjoyed the training given her background in Finance, now being trained to be an HR partner “I really enjoyed the training and it was very valuable and I have learnt so much in these six weeks though it was challenging because of home schooling for my kids and Ramadan and sitting in front of the computer all day long but all in all I am grateful that the outcome was positive and I am sure this will be an added value for me working in EG (Education Grant)”

Victoria Mutai, who coordinated the virtual training while working all the way in Tanzania, appreciated the efforts of all the trainers and trainees in ensuring that the entire training went well and was concluded successfully. “Being with family and able to work from home during this critical time helped me a lot. I am sure in future we shall be going more virtual in terms of what we do.  

Diana Muyama, who is on her maternity leave managed to attend the training with a baby on her lap. The virtual training enabled her to attend which she would not ordinarily have managed to. She shared her experience below:

 “Right before training kicked off, I contemplated not participating because I had just birthed a baby. The training was three days away and my whole life was already overwhelmed. I thought I'd step into the routine and keep moving, after all, it's just one small baby but every human who has ever been a new parent knows how off track my planning was. Every part of your life changes. It changes regardless of how thoroughly meticulously you lay out your plans. First throw out those perfect plans.” Said Diana

“I reached out to Martha to let her know that I was not going to make it to the training. She thought otherwise and encouraged me to attend and see how it goes. My husband was cheering for me too. These wonderful humans; Maureen Kobusingye, Phoebe Kyango, Etse Balidawa and Alice Nakkazi also encouraged me. They checked on me often to make sure we were okay and to follow up on any areas I had not understood. So when the training started, not everything went smoothly - a baby screaming takes things to a whole new level. If anything, it was quite difficult; I had days when we were ill and days when powering through the training called for a special kind of focus. During those tough days, the trainers were patient and more than understanding whenever I approached them to explain some elements I may have not understood during the training.” She adds

 “I so very heartily thank every individual that made it possible and easier for me to attend and understand every aspect of this training. Being a new mom changes every part of your life - guaranteed. You step into new dynamics and inevitably must adjust through it all. I don't take for granted all the love & support I've received during this time. It was an interesting experience that tested my patience and persistence. As it turns out, it can be done.” Concludes Diana

Mr. Djomo remarked that “The RSCE has taken the responsibility to increase the number of roles that we have within the Centre. Our portfolio is growing and may continue to grow depending on how things are evolving in the world so if we want to meet the requirement and satisfy our clients, we need to be able to have the tools that we require. We will have an increased number of HR Partners All (PA.01) role which is a role that gives you access to everything in the system.”

The tiered HR partner roles the staff were being trained on are very key in the operations of the Centre especially for Education Grant, Leave and Entitlement Travel and other entitlements. The period April to July each year is considered critical for the Center and was named the ‘peak season’ as the Center processes a large number of transactions as client entities end their fiscal year, with schools in many countries ending the school year and staff submitting  the largest number of entitlement travel requests during summer.

Upon successful completion and evaluation of performance by CDOTS, and RSCE Management, the participants will be certified, and role-mapped for the different HR Partner roles (PA.06: Personnel Administration and Contracts Management Roles, PA.07: Payroll Lead Processor Roles and PA.01: HR Partners All Roles)