RSCE Hits All Time High Client Satisfaction Rate

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26 Apr 2023

RSCE Hits All Time High Client Satisfaction Rate

Mark Kaheru

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises; he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him.” Mahatma Ghandi.

Paulin Djomo, Director RSCE often refers to Mahatma Ghandi’s words when he addresses new staff at the Regional Service Centre Entebbe (RSCE). This is to emphasize that RSCE’s mandate is service in the support of peace in Africa.

The Client Satisfaction target for the RSCE was raised to 80% in early 2022 following the RSCE’s attaining the previous target of 75% in 2020 (75.2%) and 2021 (76%) consecutively. During the 2022 Client Satisfaction Survey deployed to all staff in client missions between 24 November and 23 December 2022, the RSCE hit 77.5%, the highest rate attained in the last 5 years

This survey sought to get feedback from clients about quality of service offered by all the seven transactional service lines of the RSCE and was open to all International Staff, National Staff, Individual Uniformed Personnel and UN Volunteers.

2,731 staff representing 20% of the sample space participated in the survey that was administered in English, French and Arabic. This also represents the highest participation rate to date since 2018.

The Education Grant Service Line receiving the most nods as best performer of all seven transactional service lines. The top three services used by clients in 2022 were Travel, Claims and International Benefits and Payroll.

 The overall satisfaction with query handing by the RSCE in 2022 was 71%, up from 61% in 2021 and of the 1,490 staff that submitted a query, 70% were satisfied with the speed of query resolution by the RSCE during the year.

The top three most valued attributes clients receiving services from the RSCE wish to see in colleagues attending to them were - courteous and professional, responsiveness and showing a willingness to support them.

The overall satisfaction with RSCE services went up by 1.5% from 76% during the last cycle and National staff recorded the highest satisfaction rate at 81.4% of all four staff categories served by the RSCE.

The survey also questioned the effectiveness of support from the mission Client Support Units and 71% of the respondents were satisfied with the quality of service from their focal points.

This is the 5th Client Satisfaction Survey (CSAT5) being conducted by the RSCE since the deployment of the Client Service Delivery Model that seeks to standardize the client experience across all missions. This holistic multitiered support system expedites client service delivery in the areas of human resources, travel and finance and the results show in the survey.

RSCE is committed to the voice of clients and would develop the action plans for improvement in alignment with the feedback from our clients.  CSAT5 results would be part of the RSCE staff workplan in 2023-2024 cycle.