Stay Home and Feed Right to Keep Healthy

25 Mar 2020

Stay Home and Feed Right to Keep Healthy

The Government of Uganda has advised us to practice social distancing and staying at home to curb the spread of COVID-19. This does not mean that we must change our lifestyles completely.

One thing that is very easy to start is stress eating and snacking on unhealthy items when you are home all day. This should not be the case. We should Stay healthy during social distancing or isolation so stock up on some healthy foods with long shelf lives like rice, pasta, cereals, peanut butter, soya, UHT milk and groundnuts.

Stocking up on fruits, vegetables, and foods packed with zinc, magnesium, Vitamins B6, C, and E can help boost your immune system. These are more perishable foods but can be frozen or refrigerated to increase their shelf lives.

Foods like potatoes, pumpkin, yam cassava, red meat, chicken and even fruits can be cut up and frozen to keep for up to two months.

So while you are stocking up the kitchen for your extended days at home, make sure you're making healthy choices for you and your family and remember:

  1. Enjoy healthful food choices
  2. Hydrate frequently
  3. Stay active and engaged
  4. Make mental health a priority
  5. Have fun in the kitchen

There is currently no evidence to suggest that the COVID-19 virus is transmitted when handling or preparing food but please continue to follow general food safety advice by washing hands thoroughly, cleaning surfaces and separating raw meat/fish from other foods when preparing food. 

Stay safe and stay alert.