​Gallieo>>>Umoja Go-Live Event from Gao, Mali​

8 Sep 2017

​Gallieo>>>Umoja Go-Live Event from Gao, Mali​

Camilla Algarheim

Umoja Supply Chain Phase 1 of the Galileo Decommissioning project (GDP) kicked off in MINUSMA Mali on Wednesday 06 September bringing the organisation one step closer to transferring all functionalities related to inventory, property, and fleet management previously done in Galileo into Umoja.

The launch, attended by supply teams globally was headed by Under Secretary General Mr. Atul Khare and Director of Logistics (LSD) AnneMarie Van Den Berg. UN Supply Chain and Service Delivery staff in other missions could also tune into the event via video conferencing.​ 

The fact that staff all across the United Nations Secretariat has worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition was recognized when Ms Beagle, Under-Secretary-General for Management said according to Umoja’s Facebook page, “Congratulations to our GDP and Umoja colleagues for a successful go-live event in Gao, Mali. MINUSMA exemplifies the resilience of the UN as an Organization...the transition from Galileo to Umoja demonstrates once again our determination as an Organization to do everything that we can, in order to deliver for the peoples of the world."

RSCE is fully equipped to take on this new challenge and staff are prepared to embark on the transition from Galielo to Umoja. The transition will be a milestone in the Center’s goal to provide excellent services and developing a more efficient and agile supply chain.