RSCE Launches UN Leadership Dialogue Series 2022

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23 Sep 2022

RSCE Launches UN Leadership Dialogue Series 2022

Mark Kaheru

20.09.2022 Entebbe; The Director Regional Service Centre Entebbe (RSCE), Mr. Paulin Djomo launched the 2022 United Nations Leadership Dialogue at the Centre on the morning of 20 September 2022.

This year’s dialogue addresses Living the UN Values: What this means in practice for all staff.

This topic gives an opportunity to staff to discuss the new UN Values and Behaviors Framework created in 2021. The new values are Inclusion, Integrity, Humility and Humanity. The Director, in his dialogue, focused on the values of Humility and Humanity.

This gave the Managers and staff a chance to unpack and discuss the two new values.

The annual UN Leadership Dialogues are conversations guided by senior leaders with their staff to discuss meaningful subjects that impact how each UN staff carries out their day-to-day work. The dialogues are then drilled down until they reach all the UN staff giving everyone an opportunity to participate.

“Our values form the basis of our culture and our culture shapes everything we do. From how we engage with one another day-to-day, to how we engage with our clients and partners, our culture brings us together to deliver on our promise to provide excellent service.” Said Paulin Djomo, Director RSCE

Mr Djomo then advised the Senior Managers in attendance to hold similar discussions with their teams and to demonstrate the values by living them themselves. The goal is to hold discussions with all staff of the RSCE, led by the management, by end of October 2022.

He concluded the meeting by encouraging those present to study the courses on the UN Values and Behaviors Framework listed on LinkedIn Learning as suggested by May Dalgamouni, Chief Strategic Planning and Capacity Building Unit.