FSDH Receives 1st Consignment of Regional Deployment Stocks in Entebbe

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20 Oct 2022

FSDH Receives 1st Consignment of Regional Deployment Stocks in Entebbe

Mark Kaheru

On the 29th of September 2022, the Forward Support and Deployment Hub (FSDH), located at the Regional Service Centre Entebbe (RSCE), received 24 Ablution Units from United Nations Global Service Centre (UNGSC)/Strategic Deployment Stocks (SDS) as part of the newly established Regional Deployment Solutions (RDS).

RDS, in collaboration with SDS/UNGSC, identify commonly used goods that can be pre-positioned and centrally stored in Entebbe, the designated location in the region. The location permits reduced delivery lead times, allows for regional sourcing which improves responsiveness as well as consolidation of requirements for bulk purchase.

The RDS Unit in FSDH support and coordinate the movement of Regional Deployment Stock and/or United Nations Owned Equipment (UNOE) within the region.

FSDH will improve workflows and processes for the support of the regional missions in logistics and supply chain management services and enhances the overall supply chain operation by minimizing duplication of functions, minimizing waste, increasing resource utilization, and better operational coordination.

 About Forward Support & Deployment Hub:

FSDH is a Section of the Logistics Division in the Office of Supply Chain Management (OSCM) of the Department of Operational Support (DOS) located in the Regional Service Centre in Entebbe (RSCE). The Section was established by General assembly resolution A/75/770 dated 22 February 2021 which provides the vision for a more agile, cost-effective, transparent and accountable services for all Secretariat offices through the identification, acquisition and delivery of goods and services at the right place, the right cost, while increasing cooperation within UN system.