Streamlining the Education Grant Review Process: A Time Saver

Education Grant Review Process
26 Jul 2022

Streamlining the Education Grant Review Process: A Time Saver

Elysee Niyigena

As of May 20th, 2022, the Regional Service Centre Entebbe (RSCE) has changed the Education Grant (EG) business process flow to improve client satisfaction and increase efficiency and time saving for RSCE education grant processors as well as clients.

The new changes eliminate the Human Resources (HR) partner review stage that was done by the Missions. This has reduced the number of errors and mistakes and improved the response time of the process.

Previously, to apply for education grant, staff members in all RSCE client Missions needed to submit their requests via the Field Support Suite (FSS) which is reviewed and verified by the HR partner in the mission before it is submitted to the RSCE education grant reviewer. The process was time consuming and causing redundancies in approval process because Mission HR partners are not solely dedicated to the EG reviews, they have other roles.

“The reason for the removal of the mission HRA partner was that during the past years, we returned most of Education grant requests to staff members because of wrong/incomplete information that was identified by RSCE education grant Reviewers, which was causing delays in finalizing their requests.” Said Norman Kutosi-Kisukye, OiC Staff Travel, Education Grant and Claims Service Line.

“By eliminating the Mission HRA partner review process, staff members can now submit their requests directly to the RSCE for processing and any queries on the submissions are communicated by RSCE directly to the staff members for their actions,” he added.

All Education Grant requests are now submitted through Field Support Suite (FSS) directly to the RSCE who communicates directly with the staff members to solve or clarify any issues in their request. This has improved the quality of education grant requests and communication between the staff member and education grant processors.

This move will also have efficiency gains for HR partners in missions. It will help them have enough time to concentrate on other important matters in their respective missions.

The education grant provides eligible internationally recruited staff members with financial support to cover part of the cost of educating a child in full-time attendance at an educational institution.

Every day, RSCE receives 50-100 education grant requests from staff members in its 17 client missions across Africa.

To ensure client satisfaction and improve service delivery, RSCE continue to implement the Business Process Improvement across all the functional areas including education grant.