Cigna Assures RSCE Staff of Round The Clock Medical Care

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27 Jul 2022

Cigna Assures RSCE Staff of Round The Clock Medical Care

Mark Kaheru

“All our members are free to receive services as stipulated by your plan benefits from the in-network providers in Uganda as long as you present your Cigna card.” says Diana Rajoro, Cigna Representative for Uganda.

During a briefing on Cigna health insurance plans to Regional Service Centre Entebbe staff, Ms Rajoro assured members that they could receive medical services from the in-network providers in Uganda for inpatient care or outpatient surgery if they presented a guarantee of payment from Cigna.

For providers within the Cigna network, no guarantee of payment is required for National Staff on services below US$200 like consultation, lab, imaging and MRI as they can use their Cigna cards. Providers are obligated to provide services without sought approval from Cigna. (Guarantee of Payment)

Among the services RSCE staff can receive under their Cigna coverage are doctor visits, laboratory services, imaging and medication using their direct payment facility and these will be paid as stipulated under the plan benefits with a 20% cost sharing met by the staff member that is paid upfront.

Ms. Rajoro also introduced the new Cigna wellbeing app that is available on both Google and Apple Stores. The app links users with over 110 board certified doctors from all over the world for private and confidential consultations. The app was developed especially for providing access for patients to non-emergency cases 365/24/7 for orthopedic, pediatric, internal medicine, mental health, gastrointestinal and prescription services.

Through their case management team, Cigna, with the help of the advanced medical team and the assessment of the UN Physician connects, users with their wide network of doctors for enrolment into the second opinion program to members diagnosed with chronic conditions, cancer and surgeries. Since inception, the service has realized a 60% change in treatment, 39% change in diagnosis and 20% surgery avoidance.

Cigna also provides updates to users through another mobile app and on individual webpages at Plan member login | Cigna (