UN C4ISR Academy for Peace Train the Trainers in C5ISR at RSCE

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28 Nov 2022

UN C4ISR Academy for Peace Train the Trainers in C5ISR at RSCE

Mark Kaheru

UN C4ISR Academy for Peace concluded a 2-week ICT Train the Trainers course at the Regional Service Centre Entebbe (RSCE) on 25 November. 613214

The third ICT training course was funded by Denmark and hosted by Uganda at the UNCAP and RSCE/Regional Training and Conference Centre premises in Entebbe. The course aimed to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in "Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4), including cyberspace".

Dedicated to uniformed personnel, it was attended by 15 officers (with only one woman in attendance) comprised of 4 police and 11 military officers from 10 different countries for two weeks of intense training on information and communication technologies, equipment, policies, regulations, and UN standard operating procedures (SOPs'), implemented by the UN within the missions.

A primary objective of this training is to strengthen the training delivery skills required to enhance the capacity of troop-contributing countries (TCCs) to train signal personnel deployed to UN peacekeeping missions.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Ms Nalini Contreras, RSCE Deputy Director a.i., said, “You will be required to impart this very critical and important knowledge to other personnel deploying in UN peacekeeping missions."

"By providing training in important aspects such as intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, UN policies and other vital information, you are supporting the safety of UN personnel and other vulnerable parties as we fulfil the very important mandate of UN peacekeeping.” She added.

The Train-the-Trainer course is a specialised training program for military and police information and communications technology experts. This approach is called C4-ISR. By introducing Cyber into the panel of expertise needed to address the new threats to Peacekeepers and Camps, the focus has moved from C4-ISR to C5-ISR.

Training is conducted through practical sessions, equipment familiarisation and lectures on ICT theory and procedures. It is focused on Communication Infrastructure installation, IT Systems configuration and UN policies and procedures, as well as enhancing training and teaching skills.

The military and police officers who attended the ICT ToT training course were sent by the following member states: Bhutan, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Ghana, Jordan, Morocco, Thailand, Turkey and Zimbabwe.