UNMAS Trains Explosive Ordnance Disposal Trainers at RSCE

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2 Nov 2022

UNMAS Trains Explosive Ordnance Disposal Trainers at RSCE

Mark Kaheru

Belgian Explosive Ordnance Experts Train Personnel on Explosive Device Threat Mitigation

The United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) held a week long Training of Trainers activity at the Regional Training and Conference Centre at the Regional Service Centre Entebbe. The 5 day programme was specifically designed for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).

UNMAS trains and advises many countries around the world, specifically those actively involved in UN peacekeeping operations. The focus is placed on the risks related to EODs and on the training of military personnel working under UN mandate.

UNMAS training has a significant impact in recent years on reducing the number of casualties from explosive ordnance devices and on raising awareness of the risks inherent in these dangerous and deadly devices. UNMAS has collaborated with NATO to employ experienced EOD operators to reinforce its teams and thus respond favourably to nations that have requested UN support.

The aim is to form a mobile Threat Mitigation Advisory Team (TMAT) that will deliver Improvised Explosive Device Threat Mitigation (IED-TM) courses in requesting countries.

For two years, Belgian EOD Group soldiers will be deployed for short periods in the countries concerned so that they can, in turn, develop their know-how and skills.

The EOD operators selected by SEDEE have already carried out numerous missions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Mali. Thanks to their experience in the field, they will be able to help the requesting countries to reduce the risks linked to the dangers of explosive devices and ammunition.

In Entebbe, Uganda, the five deployed operators went through the training programme they will have to deliver and they also had the opportunity to insert their own experiences. They were able to directly educate staff officers from Uganda, Senegal, Togo, Zambia, Chad, Egypt, Morocco, Burundi, Vietnam on the different components of an IED and their very specific dangers. Careful attention was paid to training materials in order to provide high quality training that is recognised and certified by UNMAS.

These officers will in turn be deployed very soon with the UN Infantry Battalion (UNIBAT) mission and will undergo pre-deployment training at the Regional Service Centre Entebbe.

For some years now, the Belgian EOD Group has participated in numerous deployments abroad and the reputation of the Belgian EOD operators is worldwide recognised.