Women in Technology: Countering Security Threats in Peacekeeping

Women Outreach Course

Officers from 12 countries concluded the 8th edition of the Women Outreach Course at the RSCE

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29 Jul 2022

Women in Technology: Countering Security Threats in Peacekeeping

Elysee Niyigena

Friday July 29 2022, 17 officers from 12 countries concluded the 8th edition of the Women Outreach Course, the first of its kind to be delivered in French, organized by the UN Academy for Peace Operations (UNCAP) at the Regional Service Centre Entebbe.

“We wish to see you soon wearing the blue beret, saluting the UN flag and applying the Peacekeeping principles in different missions. I am confident that your nations will support this effort.” Said Paulin Djomo, Director a.i RSCE at the closing ceremony of the 8th Women Outreach Course.

The course is part of the response to the increasing threat levels and the rapidly changing security environment. UN Peacekeeping Missions require military personnel that are robust, highly trained, and well-experienced in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems to provide ICT support services to uniformed and civilian clients in remote and high-risk locations.

“I have acquired a lot in this training that will help me in planning and responding to security issues in the field mission. Regarding technology, I have learnt a lot that will not only help me in my job but also will be useful to the team in monitoring and preventing possible threats to our troops.” Said Capitaine Mamayou Tchangani, a training participant.

The UN C4ISR Academy for Peace Operations (UNCAP) has developed a two-week course on necessary knowledge and skills relating to command, control, communications operations, planning systems as well as relevant UN policies, regulations and standard operating procedures required to provide participants with the background needed to prepare for deployment.

“These trainings are fundamental to the security of our blue helmets and of our camps.  Peacekeepers rely on the ability to communicate and exchange information with technological advancement in telecommunication, cyber security and information management.” Said Jean Michel Kergoat. Operations Manager and Chief Technology Training, UNCAP.

The Women’s Outreach Course is a specialized training for female military signals and police ICT specialists. The programme directly responds to Security Council Resolution 2122 (2013), which encourages troops and police-contributing countries to increase the percentage of uniformed women in deployment to UN peacekeeping operations and address gender imbalances.

“We need more women in the ICT sector. The sector has for a long time been dominated by men but I believe you will inspire more women to join and contribute to peace through technology.” Said Emanuel Ngor, Chief Regional Field Technology Service, at the Regional Service Centre Entebbe (RSCE).

The 8th Edition of the Women Outreach Course was sponsored by the Government of India and the academy looks forward to more collaboration in the field of peacekeeping trainings. The academy is also grateful to the host Country Uganda for being a gracious host to the United Nations and the Government of France as a partner of the UN C4ISR Academy for Peace Operations (UNCAP).