RSCE Pledges to Environmental Protection

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8 Jun 2022

RSCE Pledges to Environmental Protection

Mark Kaheru

6 June 2022, Entebbe: “We only have one earth and we need to protect it.” Said Director a.i. Regional Service Centre Entebbe, Paulin Djomo at the celebration of the World Environment Day on 6th June. “This is a joint effort; we all must contribute if we are to save our planet.” He added

Every year the world celebrates 5th June as a platform to raise awareness on the problems facing our environment such as pollution, unsustainable consumption, climate change, and food insecurity, among others.

2022 focus is on transformative change to enable cleaner, greener, and sustainable living in harmony with nature and this is the reason that the RSCE commits to keeping their environment clean and green, and to plant as many trees as possible.

During the celebrations that were streamed live for all staff while the senior management team attended in person, 3 fruit trees were planted with an extra 7 pledged to be planted later in the day.

The RSCE management also emphasized the ongoing efforts to go completely paperless with the launch of the new information kiosks and the video wall that have been installed around the Entebbe Support Base. These interactive kiosks provide information about RSCE including events, security information, phone list and available flights in and out of Entebbe and are updated daily.

This means no more posters and no more printed handouts for the RSCE; information is now digitized and accessible to all.

A video released on the day called for action from all staff to participate in the efforts to save the environment by planting trees, refraining from single-use plastics, opting to remove meat from their diet, recycling or simply turning off lights or the water faucet. This was coupled with the reminder on the iEnduulu app that is accessible on Apple and Google Stores. This app was developed for RSCE as a tool to help staff report on environmental incidents on the ESB in real time and have quick response to rectify the issue.

The day was crowned off with the first ever climate-centered quiz. 5 teams competed with the winning team taking home branded umbrellas while the 2nd and 3rd team got water bottles and mugs all branded with a message on environment and the SDGs 13, 14 and 15.